Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Open Source is Your Country?

Open Source World Map

Redhat have created an Open Source Index, or OSI, based on research by the Georgia Institute of Technology. The index is a measure of the open source activity and environment in 75 countries.

The Open Source Activity Map shows how 75 countries rank in the OSI. Each country has been given a score based on its policies and practices in the fields of Government, Industry, and Community.

The 75 countries are coloured on the map according to how well they score. France, (coloured a rather fetching shade of burgundy) is the top ranked country overall for Open Source activity. Moldova (in a mustard shade) comes in 75th.

Rather appropriately the map itself uses the Google Maps API with OpenLayers (I'm sorry there is no prize for the first person to leave a comment suggesting that Open Street Map should have been used for the map).

Hattip: Mapperz


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