Monday, August 30, 2010

First Google Map with Facebook Places

Nearby Friends

Nearby Friends is a Google Maps based Facebook application that utilises the new Facebook Places check-in facility. The application allows you to view all your friends check-ins on one Google Map.

Nearby Places doesn't just show your friends' latest check-ins it also allows you to visualise their entire check-in history. If you click on any of your friends' thumbnail pictures displayed on the Google Map you can choose an option to view their 'Check-in History'.

When you select to view the check-in history of a friend you are presented with a Google Map showing all their check-ins. Each check-in is represented by a profile picture. The larger the picture the more recent the check-in. Each individual check-in is also connected to the next check-in with a polyline. Therefore you can click on the largest profile picture and track your friend's check-ins backwards all the way to the womb (well maybe not that far).


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Anonymous said...

A new app for Facebook Places, this time on iPhone and iPad just came out. Similar concept to Nearby Friends, except with realtime updates and notifications. Here is the link: