Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Create a Travel Guide with Google Maps is a great way to create your very own printable travel guide.

Using you can review hotels and points of interest at most of the world's top cities and tourist destination from the comfort of your desktop. You can view the hotels, restaurants, museums and bars listed on on a Google Map to easily plan your travel itinerary. Each of the points of interest has a comprehensive review and attractive photographs.

When you like a review of a point of interest you can simply add it to your own travel guide. When you have finished planning your visit and adding places to stay and visit you can then print out an attractive personal guide. The guide includes a Google Map with all the places added to your itinerary clearly marked.

As well as the map your points of interest are presented in list form, with attractive photographs and full details, such as address and telephone numbers.

Nile Guide

Nile Guide is a great trip planner and personal travel guide. The site lets you explore areas you might like to visit for hotels, restaurants and other points of interest and create your own personalised travel itinerary.

To start planning your trip with Nile Guide you just need to enter your destination. Nile Guide will then give you an overview of your destination and allow you to view Hotels, Things to Do, Restaurants, Nightlife and Events. The points of interest are even displayed on a Google Map.

To add a place you want to visit you just need to click on the 'Add to List' link and it will be added to your 'My Guide'. Once you have added a number of destinations to your travel itinerary you can then organise your guide. You can drag and drop your different picks on to different days of your trip and you can view the locations of your choices on a Google Map.

When you have completed your personal travel guide if you press 'Print my guide to go' Nile Guide will create a printable version of your very own travel itinerary.



"Guppy" Honaker said...

I love the idea of these two travel guides with Google. The Internet's best search engine is quickly becoming the best at everything else, too!

- David

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Christine said...

Nile guide looks great. They let you organize your trip by day, and have a city "snapshot" in the guide. Too bad neither seems to allow you to add your own places. Nile guide does allow you to add notes though.

Thanks for this post.

Drew Kesler said...

I'm planning to travel to Europe next year so this really comes in handy. Thanks for posting helpful entries! Keep 'em coming!

bed frame said...

Another great help from Google. I think this is one of the best features of Google Map. It is so amazing that you can make your own travel guide using that Google Map.

Josh said...

NileGuide actually does allow you to create your own new points of interest -- just click on the "My Places" link in the trip list

Anonymous said...

Thanks we used this in order to create our travel guide for

All the people love our new guide, it's way better as the old one because it uses google maps as engine.

Keep up the good work and many thanks !

Best regards,