Monday, August 23, 2010

The LA Times on Google Maps

The Los Angeles Times is becoming a prolific user of Google Maps. Here are just some examples of how the paper has used the Google Maps API to help illustrate news stories and give their readers access to local data.

Mapping L.A.'s Neighborhoods

The LA Times’ neighborhood map of Los Angeles County is a Google Maps interface to individual maps and statistics for 158 cities and unincorporated places and 114 neighborhoods within the city of Los Angeles.

The map allows readers to click on one of the highlighted regions on the map and then select an individual neighborhood. Once you have selected a neighborhood you can view information about schools, income, demographics and news from the area.

LA Magnet Test Scores

A Google Map created to compare the test scores of Los Angeles' magnet schools with other magnet schools and to their host schools.

L.A. Farmers Markets
A Google Map guide to Southern California farmers markets. It is possible to browse the markets by location and by the day of the week.

Where the Westside Starts
The Westside has no official defined border. Therefore the LA Times decided to ask its readers how they define the Westside.

The Times then produced two Google Maps; one to show The Times' definition of the Westside's geographical boundary and one to show the readers' ideas.


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