Saturday, August 07, 2010

Map of the Week - Part Two


Tripline allows you to create an embeddable interactive Google Map of a journey or trip.

Using Tripline it is very easy to add markers for the different stops or stages on your trip. Users can add photographs and comments to each marker. In the completed map the information windows for each marker contain forward and back arrows which animate the map to the next (or previous) stop on the journey. The line between each map marker is nicely animated and the map contains pause and play buttons to control the animations.

The ease of creating a Tripline map and the fact that maps can be embedded in a webpage or blog, just like YouTube videos, should help to make Tripline a popular mapping application.

As well as mapping personal journeys and trips Tripline can be used for plotting the routes of marathons and other races, such as this Tour de France map, or for plotting historical expeditions, such as this Lewis and Clark map.

I guess I shouldn't have named my map of the week yesterday. Tripline has easily slipped in at the last moment to claim joint top position.


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