Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Property Hotspots on Google Maps

Trulia: National Home Prices Heat Map

Real Estate website Trulia provides a weekly heat map of home prices in the United States.

Trulia uses Google Maps to give users a quick view of the average listing price in every U.S. state. The tabs at the top of the map allow the user to switch between heat maps of the average listing price, the median sales price and Trulia popularity.

If you click on any of the states you can view the total number of homes for sale in the state and the average listing price.


Mouseprice has created a nice heat map of property prices in England and Wales. Using the map it is possible to find the locations with the cheapest and the most expensive real estate.

Users of the map can view heat maps for average values or just the prices of new builds. You can also view heat maps showing the areas with the least and most 1 year, 5 year and 10 year growth. You can even view a heat map of crime in England and Wales.

The map includes a transparency control for the heat map layers. It is therefore possible to adjust the layers to view the locations beneath in detail.

Cenove Mapy

Czech real estate company,, have produced this Google Maps mashup to show current real estate prices in the Czech Republic. The site uses a heat map to show the relative prices of properties at 1m².

French Property Prices Map

This Google Maps mashup from shows the relative price of properties in France. A heat map, based on the latest month's property prices from, shows where in France you can buy the most expensive and cheapest properties.


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The is also a very accurate map of prices of paris and other main towns in France here: