Monday, August 09, 2010

What's Happening in Manhattan?


Nitefly promises to find you the best drink deals, parties and events happening right now in Manhattan. To find a happening night spot with Nitefly all you have to do is type in a location and Nitefly will show you a Google Map of the best venues near by.

If you click on one of the returned venue map markers Nitefly will show you the best tips from Foursquare, gauge the buzz at the venue with real time Twitter updates and even show you who is attending events here with Facebook.

For each venue Nitefly also returns its Yelp user rating score and gives you the venue's full address and telephone number.



E.M.R. said...

Thanks for the post Keir!

E.M.R. said...

Hey Everyone,

We moved the site to NiteFly and dropped off the V2 notation, thanks again for the mention!