Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Third World America on Google Maps

Third World America

The Huffington Post have created a Google Map to record the experiences of Americans hit by the current economic downturn. The map is obviously also being used as a bit of a marketing tool for Arianna Huffington's new book, 'Third World America'.

The map shows the areas hardest hit by home foreclosure, unemployment and bankruptcy. Users can also submit their own stories, pictures or video of how they have personally been affected by the financial crisis.

The map itself is a very simple My Map, which I can't help feeling is a bit of a shame. The map contains really important stories that need and deserve to be told. I just wish that the Huffington Post had taken a little more time and care with the presentation of these stories.

However I guess if anyone wanted to present this in a more elegant way they could just use the georss or the KML of the My Map.

Hat-tip: Mibazaar


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