Thursday, August 19, 2010

Present the Weather with Google Maps

Produce and Present a Weather Forecast

Have you ever wanted to present the weather? Thanks to this Google Maps app now you can.

Using the application you can drag and drop weather symbols onto a Google Map to create your very own weather map. When your map is completed you can then watch a fly-through of your weather map. During the fly-through you can stand in front of your computer monitor and pretend that you are a real-life TV weather presenter. For added BBC realism you can even give the world the finger.

Currently you can place the weather symbols anywhere in the world but the presentation fly-through only works for the UK. The map developer says however thay he has plans to automate the generation of the fly-through route based on the symbol positions, which will mean that it will work for wherever you place the symbols. There are also plans to add more weather symbols for temperatures and for the wind.

Hat-tip: Mapperz



Jammy Faragher said...

Can you tell me what this application is called and how I can get hold of it?

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry Jammy - this app seems to have joined the deadpool.

Jammy Faragher said...

Any ideas on other apps that might do a similar job?