Saturday, August 21, 2010

Live Australian Election Map Interactive Map - 2010 Federal Election

The results in so far in the Australian general election make this the tightest race in decades. At the time of writing pundits are saying the results are too close to call but that it looks likely that neither the ruling Labor party nor the opposition coalition will gain the 76 seats needed to win outright.

ABC Australia have produced a Google Map to display the results of the election as they are announced. The map lets you explore Australia's 150 electorates. You can click on any of the electorates to display detailed results.

The map also includes an overlay showing the overall results and the current vote share for each of the parties. The map has buttons so that you view at a glance which electorates have changed seats and also view ABC's predictions.



noob said...

So how do i ceate maps like these exactly?

noob said...

How do I create a map like this? Im trying to create a layed map also

Keir Clarke said...

Have a look at this polygon demo (for Google Maps API v2):

Or this demo for V3