Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding Topography Data with Google Maps

Open Topography Portal

The Open Topography Portal is a project that aims to provide access to various public domain airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, bathymetry, and other topographic data. As part of this project the Open Topography Portal has created a Google Map to show where topography datasets are available.

Available datasets are shown on the map by yellow polygons. If you click on the polygons you can learn about the available dataset at that location and see what data products are currently available. The classes of data types available include standard digital elevation models (DEMs), LiDAR point cloud data, and Google Earth files.

Via: @geoparadigm


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Chris said...

Thanks for the link. A recent OpenTopography blog post about high-resolution topography data in the Google Maps terrain layer may also be of interest to your readers:
LiDAR Beginning to Appear in Google Maps Terrain Layer