Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real Time Google Maps Collaboration

Multi-User Google Maps Collaboration

The next time someone phones you and tells you that they are lost and they don't know how to get to you then just point them to this Android application. The application allows users to simultaneously open and work on the same Google Map. It is a great tool for two or more people to share directions in real-time.

To collaborate on a Google Map a user just has to start their own map room and send a link to whomever they want to work with. Once two or more people are logged into the room users can use 'whiteboard' tools to draw on the map or add text. Whenever one of the room members interacts with the map all the other users will see the action in real time on their phone screens.

The application comes with built in camera support so it is possible to video conference your map sharing as well. If you haven't got an Android mobile phone don't worry as the application is also available from your desktop. If you haven't got any friends you also don't have to worry as you can test the application by just opening it up in two separate browser windows.


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