Thursday, July 05, 2012

The 1812 War on Google Maps

In 1812 the United States of America declared war on the United Kingdom thereby beginning the War of 1812.

Brock University has put together an interactive display of geo-referenced historical maps examining some of the invasions of Upper and Lower Canada. The War of 1812 in Maps allows the user to view historical maps of locations of significant battlefield sites and compare them to the current landscape.

The application overlays the historical battlefield maps on top of Google Earth (using the Google Earth plug-in). The user can navigate to the maps by using the links in the map sidebar. It is also possible to adjust the transparency of each map by using a map transparency slide control.


Dana said...

Map doesn't work. Someone messed up with their key :) I'll check again later.

Sharon said...

Fantastic interface. Make sure you have Google Earth plug-in installed. Also, the transparency doesn't work until well below 25%.

Lisa Miller said...

I'm informed the Google Earth Plugin is not available for those of us with a Linux OS. How lame is that?