Friday, July 06, 2012

Your Mapper Adds Heat Maps

Your Mapper has added some exciting new features to it's mapped data visualisation application.

Your Mapper provides an easy to use application that allows users to create and visualise data on a Google Map and embed the created map in a website or blog. Your Mapper has used the new HeatMaps layer in the Google Maps API to add a new option to view data as a heat map on a Google Map (for example the screenshot above shows a heat map of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA).

One really cool feature of Your Mapper is that you can visualise data added by other users. So using the links in the map sidebar you can view heat maps for lots of different data sets, from the density of nursing homes to the locations of catholic churches in the USA.

Your Mapper has also added a number of other interesting features such as the option to view a transit layer, a global cloud coverage layer and has also implemented a new muted map style which helps to emphasise the data added to the map.

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