Monday, July 16, 2012

Exploring An Alternative Europe

The Resilients Project is a European organisation that is exploring the many creative ways that individuals and groups are attempting to thrive in these economically turbulent times. The organisation was started to "collect, create, share and support resilient creative practices that ... are needed to thrive in uncertain, turbulent times."

Dougald Hine has been invited to be the first Journeyer of the Guild of Resilients. In this role he is travelling across Europe in "search of people, places and projects that have something to teach me about deep cultural resilience".

You can follow Dougald's progress and read about the projects and people he has visited at Journey in Search of a Guild. Markers on a Google Map show the places that have been visited so far. If you click on the markers you can view the submitted blog post for that stage of the journey and read about the people and groups that Dougald has met that are developing creative practices of resilience.

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