Monday, July 23, 2012

Telling Stories with Google Maps

Meograph allows anyone to easily create, watch, and share interactive stories on a Google Map or with the Google Earth browser plug-in. Until today only selected media producers have been allowed to use Meograph to create narratives. Now anyone can sign up and start creating their own interactive stories.

If you want to see what is possible with Meograph then have a look at some of the mapped interactive stories already created on the Meograph Demo page. Narrated stories created with Meograph can include photographs, video and audio narrations.

Published Meograph stories include playback controls to pause, rewind and fast-forward the narrative, "More context" buttons to explore more details about any element of the narrative and options to view the locations with Google Maps or with the Google Earth browser plug-in.

To create a Meograph mapped story you currently have to use the Chrome browser but all completed Meographs can be viewed in any browser.

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