Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Ship Adrift on the Sea of Art

As part of the A Room for London art exhibition a ship has been erected on top of the South Bank Centre in the middle of London.

James Bridle was asked to contribute something to the project and added a weather station to the ship. Instead of letting all the collected data from the station go to waste James decided to use it to create an imaginary journey.

A Ship Adrift is a Google Map that takes the data from the weather station and applies it to an imaginary airship piloted by a lost, mad AI autopilot. If the wind blows eastwards across the roof of the South Bank centre at 5mph, then the Ship Adrift floats five miles to the east on the Google Map.

The AI autopilot is also Tweeting the ship's location as it floats across it's virtual globe. You can follow the Tweets at @shipadrift.  

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