Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Share Feelings & Memories with Street View

Flog - Feel, Log & Share is a new social network that lets users add comments to their favourite places using Google Maps Street View.

After you log into Flog with a Facebook or Google account you can easily add messages to locations around the world. The application uses Google Maps to show you all the comments already added by other Flog users.

To add your own location you just need to drop a pin on the map where you wish to add a message. Where Street View is available you can select a Street View and pan the panorama to the view you wish to comment on. You can then add your comment to the view.

Flog is a great way to share childhood memories, your feelings about a location or to just share your favourite locations with your friends.


Mr Data said...

Something intresting I found that's sort of related.

There were some hidden street view updates such as Bend Oregon suddenly being filled.

Earlier in the year Bend Oregon only had a few main roads covered and now it's suddenly most of the town.

A few other places that had crappy images have seem to been updated.

Mr Data said...

In fact. For several years Bend Oregon had only those few main roads covered including the short freeway and they all looked like they were taken from a Polaroid Camera.