Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Satellite Imagery for the Olympics

You will have to excuse my endless posts about the Olympics this week. I live about 700 metres from the London 2012 Olympics Park so you can guess at my heightened levels of excitement at the moment.

I was hoping for some Street View or Bird's Eye imagery to be added to Google Maps this week for the Olympics Park. There is no sign of this yet but Google have updated the satellite imagery.

In the screenshot above you can see the Olympics Stadium, the Aquatics Centre and The Orbit (the red building in the centre). Clicking on the image above will open Google Maps. If you pan north you will see the other stadia in the park - all nicely labelled in Google Maps.

Further north you can see that the Lee Valley White Water Centre also shows up in the new imagery. This is where the canoe slalom will be taking place.

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Olympic Park imagery on Bing Maps said...

Also and see the new imagery in Bing Maps. It is high resolution aerial imagery not the satellite imagery that Google have: