Monday, July 02, 2012

Google I/O Map Videos

This year at Google I/O a number of exciting new features were added to the Google Maps API. There were also a number of interesting Google Maps based sessions. Here is a quick round-up of some of the videos of the Google I/O sessions that should be of interest to Maps API developers.

What's new in Google Maps Google Maps?

In this video Brian McClendon, Dylan Lorimer and Thor Mitchell introduce the new features added to the Google Maps API during Google I/O.

The three main new features in the API are the Heatmap Layer, the new Symbols feature and the Transit Layer.

Not Just a Map
In this video Josh Livni and Nabil Naghdy review the wealth of additional value that the Maps API has to offer, and the essential features that developers should be aware of across a number of verticals, including real estate, travel, and retail.

Spatial Data Visualization
In this video Brendan Kenny and Enoch Lau take a voyage through the world of map based data visualization, arming you with the tools you need to most effectively bring your data to life on a map using the Maps API v3.

A Master Class in Map Styling
Scott Shawcroft and Jonah Jones show you how you can customize the look and feel of a Google Map. See the Styling section of the Maps API documentation to tailor your map to your message, to your color scheme, or to help emphasize your data.

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