Saturday, July 07, 2012

Map Channels Version 4.08 Update

Map Channels, the popular Google Maps creation tool, has released a number of new features in its latest update.

Map Channels allows users to create a map with data held in a KML file, a Google Spreadsheet, a GeoRSS feed, tab delimited text or a Google Fusion Table. Map Channels also allows users to add data manually with the 'Edit' feature.

Version 4.8 of Map Channels includes some new features such as the ability to add a transit and weather layer to a created map. Users can also now add links in the header of their maps that show near-by events and near-by hotels.

The latest update to Map Channels also adds a few more customisation options for users and also gives the user the option to locally host a map or to embed it in their own website or blog. A full list of all the new features and improvements in version 4.8 is available on the Map Channels home page.

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