Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Access Maps

AXS Map is a new tool for searching and reviewing the accessibility of shops, restaurants and all kinds of buildings.

You can search AXS Map for accessible venues by searching for a type of venue and a location, e.g. restaurants in New York. The results of each search are then displayed on a Google Map. Venues that have already been reviewed for their accessibility are displayed on the map with a Green map marker.

If you click on a reviewed venue you can find out if the building has a wide entry and if it has ramped access. You can also discover whether the restrooms are accessible. AXS Map is a crowd-sourced platform so users can also contribute their own reviews of a venue's accessibility.

Rick Hansen's Global Accessibility Map is a Google Map designed to crowd-source reviews on the mobility accessibility of buildings and public spaces worldwide.

Using the map it is possible to search for accessible buildings worldwide. The buildings are categorised into 'restaurants', 'theatre / cultural', 'museums', 'hotels' etc and each building is reviewed using a 5 star system.

Users can add their own reviews of buildings by logging in with their Facebook account or registering with the Global Accessibility Map.

Access Israel is a nongovernmental, non-profit organisation that promotes disabled accessibility in Israel. The organisation's website features a great Google Map that features businesses that are accessible throughout the country.

Users of the map can search for accessible buildings by location or by type (e.g. sports facilities, shops, restaurants).

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