Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Remembering the 2011 Norway Attacks

On 22nd July 2011 Norway suffered two horrendous terrorist attacks. A car bomb explosion in Oslo killed eight people and injured at least 209 people. Later that day at a summer camp, organised by the Norwegian Labour Party (AP), on the island of Ut√łya, 69 people were shot dead and at least another 110 people were injured.

One year on from those terrible attacks the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) have created a 22nd July Memory Map. The map has been created so that Norwegians have the opportunity to share their memories of the day. The broadcaster hopes that people will use the map to share where they were, what they did and how they felt.

It is possible to browse the map to read the contributions already added and to submit your own memories. Quick links are available below the map to zoom to the biggest cities.

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