Friday, July 06, 2012

Own Virtual Property on Google Maps

Geopieces is a new location and event sharing application.

After you log-in to Geopieces with your Facebook account you can share your location with your friends by adding a marker to the Geopieces Google Map. As well as sharing your location you can use Geopieces to add events to the map, write a blog entry at a location, or leave tips and reviews about venues.

Geopieces users can also add their photos and videos to the map and even add website links to venues on the map.

When you first log-in to Geopieces you are also given 5,000 Geocredits. You can use your Geocredits to own part of the Geopieces map. Users can develop their Geopieces on the map and can even earn more Geocredits if other users visit or add markers to their Geopiece.

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