Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Street View Fashion Police

Over the years Street View has been used for fun, for inspiration and even to take you on a virtual journey. Now the Austin Chronicle are using Google Maps Street View to assess the fashion sense of Texans.

In a series of articles entitled Up to Early Street View fashion critics Spyglass and Barton Skyway poke some gentle fun at some of the citizens of Austin who have been captured for posterity by the Street View car.

If you want to read the whole series of articles try this page of search results for 'Up Too Early' on the Austin Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

"...Jeggings are only appropriate when you are going to be on a Country Music Television game show and you want your camel toe to really pop. My guess is this girl wasn't on CMT. She might be on meth though. She's really skinny. Good thing she's sitting in front of Taco Deli. They can fatten her up right nice." is not what I would call "poking gentle fun."

Keir Clarke said...

Let's just say my critiques are a little more genteel than those of Spyglass and Barton Skyway.

I would like to think that this series of articles is just a seriously misguided and failed attempt at satirising a certain type of fashion journalism rather than an attempt at overt nastiness.

Oh look ... I can actually do it myself when I try.