Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Exercise with Street View

Real Indoor uses Google Maps Street View to create a realistic biking experience for those with exercise bikes.

The application creates Street View tours that play back at the user's cycling speed. Owners of spin bikes are able to configure Real Indoor so that the simulated bike tour plays at a realistic speed for their bike. It is also possible to create a tour anywhere that Street View is available.

As the tour plays an information panel displays the speed, the current slope and elevation, the number of calories burnt and the distance travelled so far. The tour playback controls also allow the user to adjust the speed and pause the tour.


Thelma C. Welch said...

This view is mind blowing. I also like to exercise. Thank you.

Rufina Bello said...

Really! I didn't think like this before but now I think An open environment is always preferable for exercise whatever the contemplation will be?

Nancy McKinney said...

I can't imagine my day without my daily dose of your blog.

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