Monday, March 16, 2015

Mapping the Battle of Atlanta

150 years ago during the Battle of Atlanta Confederate and Union forces fought for control of the  important rail and supply center of Atlanta.

In 1864 Atlanta was just 23 olds and was more of a frontier town than a thriving city. However it did have huge strategic significance as the junction of four major railroad lines, the Western & Atlantic, the Georgia Railroad, the Atlanta & West Point, and the Macon & Western.

The Battle of Atlanta Map shows Atlanta's railway lines, the street map of 1864 Atlanta and the locations of a number of the city's important buildings. You can use the map sidebar to turn features on and off on the map. To view the map of Atlanta in 1864 make sure you turn off the 'present day streets' and turn on the '1864' streets.

The map sidebar also allows you to view the Confederate and Union troop positions, the locations of both side's forts and the locations of trenches. The buttons beneath the map also provide quick links to important locations in the battle.

To place the battle in context and to learn more about the battle, its background and its consequences you should also read the five part history of the Battle of Atlanta using the links above the map.

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