Monday, March 09, 2015

The Twitter Mountains of San Francisco

A few years ago CASA used the Google Maps API to present a number of topographical maps of New York, London, Paris and Munich based on where in the cities Twitter users are most active. The Interactive Tweetography Maps used contours to map the density of tweets, with mountains showing the most active locations on Twitter.

Those maps no longer work. However Digital Urban used the same data from the London Tweetography Map and visualized it with the 3d game engine Lumion. The results were pretty amazing, as you can see in this video of the map.

Now Nick Shelton has created a similarly themed Twitter density map of San Francisco. Using WebGL he has mapped 15,000 Tweets (from Jan 2015), showing the density of the city's Twitter data as a 3d histogram.

SF Tweet Data is an impresive 3d map of the city even without the Twitter histogram. It also includes 3d terrain, neighborhood boundaries and population data.

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