Monday, March 16, 2015

The Map of Prevailing Winds

Wind History is an interesting mapped visualization of the history of wind direction. The map wind rose diagrams for 2,500 weather stations across North America.

The length of each bar on a wind rose is proportional to the frequency the wind comes from each direction. If you click on a wind rose on the map you can also view the average wind speed for each direction.

A month filter allows you to display the prevailing winds on all the wind roses for selected months. You can click on individual months to select any combination of months. If you then click the play button the map will animate through the prevailing winds over the course of a year.

If you want to see a near real-time visualization of map direction and speed then you should also have a look at the Wind Map.'s beautiful Wind Map has proved a source of inspiration to a number of map developers. This real-time animated map of wind speed and direction really is a gorgeous realization of live meteorological data.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, inspiring map! Too bad somebody's under the mistaken impression that the land mass ends at the borders of the lower 48 US States. What happened to Alaska - or Canada - or Mexico?

Ye Olde Wielder O' Projects said...

Fantastic visualization map. Now I know what to be concerned about when building a fence so it won't get blown down.