Monday, March 09, 2015

Mapping Environmental Protests

All around the world the ever demanding quest for economic growth and profit is having an impact on natural environments. The result is that local communities and groups are often forced into fighting governments and multinational companies in order to try to save their local environments from the eternal forces of 'progress'.

The Environmental Justice Atlas has set itself the task of documenting and mapping these social conflicts around local environmental issues. The map is designed to highlight the struggle of communities around the world for environmental justice. It aims to make these protests more visible by documenting individual environmental conflicts across the globe.

Environmental conflicts are shown on the map using colored map markers. The colors of the markers reflect ten different categories of conflict, including nuclear, water management and mineral extraction. The map includes a number of filters which enables you to adjust the environmental conflicts displayed on the map by category, population, type of project, type of protest and environmental impact.

If you select an environmental conflict's marker on the map you can read more about the background behind the protest and the agencies involved.

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