Sunday, March 15, 2015

Solar Eclipse Map

On March 20th there is a total Solar Eclipse. The best place to see the eclipse is probably on the Faroe Islands. However if you live in the UK or Ireland you will be able to see a partial solar eclipse.

This Solar Eclipse Map shows the path of the total solar eclipse and also provides a quick guide to the times and the percentage of obscuration that you will be able to see in a number of towns and cities in the UK and Ireland.

If you live elsewhere in Northern Europe or in Iceland you should check out NASA's Google Map of the Solar Eclipse. NASA's map allows you to click on any location to view the time of the eclipse and the percentage of obscuration that you will see at that location.

My solar eclipse map was created with Leaflet and the Leaflet.Label plug-in. The Leaflet.Label plug-in enables you to add labels to map markers. I didn't want markers on my map so I added an opacity property to the markers so that they are hidden on the map. I then simply drew a polyline from the labelled town / city to the location of each label (placed in the sea around the UK and Ireland).

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