Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mapping Road Noise in Paris

The Map of Road Noise in Paris is an Esri map of 2015 road noise levels in the French capital. The map includes four different map layers visualizing road noise levels during a 24 hour period, the noise level at night (22h-6h), all roads exceeding 68 dB in 24 hours and all roads exceeding an average noise level of at least 62 dB at night.

Paris has managed to reduce its overall road noise levels by introducing a number of measures. These include reducing the speed on the Boulevard Périphérique (the ring road) and by reducing overall road traffic in the capital. 

When the German courts decided that Berlin Airport could operate flights between 5 am and midnight 
German newspaper Taz created Fluglärm-Karte BBI-Airport Berlin, a Google Map showing the noise pollution caused by aircraft at Berlin Airport.

Residents who live close to the airport claimed that this new directive would give them only a 5 hour window in which it was possible to sleep. The map shows the number of decibels along the flight paths to and from the airport and in the immediate vicinity.

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