Sunday, March 15, 2015

The L.A. Marathon Map

If you want to watch today's L.A. Marathon then you should have a look at the official L.A. Marathon Map. The map shows the route of the marathon. It also shows the location of the mile markers, landmarks along the route and the location of Shuttle stops along the route.

If you are racing in today's marathon or if you simply want to compare your marathon times against other competitors then you should also take a look at the Los Angeles Times' Marathon Map. The L.A. Times' map allows you to enter your marathon time and see how well you would do in a race against a number of different competitors.

Just enter your best marathon time into the map and choose who you want to race against. You can choose between a number of competitors, including the winners of last year's marathon. Or you could choose to race against a celebrity, such as Gordon Ramsay or Shia LeBeouf. If you feel really lucky you can even choose to race against a California grizzly or a runway llama.

After you have entered your time and chosen a competitor you can view your race animated on a Leaflet map of the L.A. Marathon route.

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