Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mapping Vancouver Energy

The Energy Explorer is a set of tools for exploring community energy use in Vancouver. The site aims to encourage a vision of a more sustainable city through the use of renewable energy resources. As part of this aim the Energy Explorer includes two interactive maps visualizing the city's current energy use and its potential for renewable energy resources.

The Home Energy Map provides a visualization of current energy use by Vancouver households. Building footprints on the map are colored to show their estimated energy usage based on the age of the building and its size. Vancouver citizens can therefore use the map to see how much energy they use and compare it to the estimated energy usage of their neighbors.

The Renewable Energy Map provides a visualization of the potential of different types of renewable energy resources in Metro Vancouver. The map includes layers to explore the potential for solar power, wind energy, hydro power and heat recovery.

Each of the map layers also allows you to select individual districts on the map to view the current energy demand in each area.

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