Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Mapping the Top International Events

Global sporting and music events can attract fans from all around the world. Ticketbis has created a map of the biggest international events of the last three years and visualized the number of international fans traveling to the event from abroad.

Fans on the Move shows the movements of Ticketbiz customers around the world over the last three years as they attend sports, music and theater events. Play the map and you can view an animation of Ticketbiz customers moving around the world by month. For each month the map highlights the top event, the top destination countries and the top countries of origin. The map also highlights some of the top events over the last three years and provides a little more information about the numbers of international attendees at these events.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to explore the data in any real detail. It would be nice to be able to explore individual events on the map and view where people have traveled from to attend the event. The 'Filter' on the right-hand side of the map suggests that you should be able to filter the results on the map by type of event. However it isn't actually a filter at all but just a key to the map.

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