Thursday, March 19, 2015

This Map is a Work of Art

When I first posted about Divvy Trips last Saturday I claimed that it was as much an artistic statement as it was a map. It is now even more of a work of art. It's also now more of a map.

Divvy Trips is a beautiful animated mapped visualization of bike trips on the Divvy bike sharing network in Chicago. The map now includes circular map markers showing the position of bike docking stations and the option to add a street map to the animated visualization.

It also now contains a date control which allows you to select the day's rides that you wish to see visualized and a time display informing you of the time of day. Divvy Trips provides a great visualization of how the Divvy bike network is used over the course of the day. It also wouldn't look out of place hanging on the walls of MoMA.

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