Friday, March 27, 2015

Visit the New York of 1609

It's been a while since I last traveled back to the New York City of 1609. In the past I've always enjoyed my little trips to the forests and creeks of Mannahatta.

The last time I visited the Mannahatta Project you could view a map providing an imagined satellite view of how Manhattan Island might have looked back in 1609. Since that last trip to 1609 New York the project has been renamed the Welikia Project. The project also now lets you explore the natural landscape of New York's valleys, forests, fields, freshwater wetlands and salt marshes in more detail.

You can now click on any New York neighborhood on the Welikia Google Map to find out a little more about the area's ecology back in 1609. When you select a neighborhood on the map an information window opens providing information of the area's 1609 landscape, wildlife and indigenous population.

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