Monday, March 23, 2015

Vaguely Vulgar Italians

Gary Gale's Vaguely Rude Places map has been a long time favorite with visitors to Maps Mania Mansions. This week we were extremely fortunate to be visited by an Italian gentlemen, who regaled us all with ribald translations from the Italian edition of Mr Gale's atlas.

For months the Vagamente Volgare has been titillating readers across the continent with its collection of risque Italian place names. Indeed the map has proven so popular that Mr Gale has included the Vagamente Volgare in the latest publication of his own Vaguely Rude Place map.

This second edition of Mr Gale's respected tome now includes both a map of place names which sound rude to those of us who speak English and a map of place names that may appear Rabelaisian to our Italian cousins.

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