Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Ice Cold Gold Map

Tonight Animal Planet's Ice Cold Gold begin its third season. You can explore some of the stunning locations featured in the new season in this Esri Story Map.

Ice Cold Gold is a reality television program about a mining team trying to exploit the natural resources of Greenland. As you scroll through the Ice Cold Gold - Digging Deeper Story Map you can view video clips from the series, including some great time-lapse footage of Greenland's scenery and landscapes.

Currently you can select two journey maps, a 'Prelude' and 'Episode One' from a drop-down menu. In truth this Esri Story Map hardly features any maps at all. Animal Planet are using Esri's Story Map library as more of a video gallery than a mapping platform. It is a shame that there aren't at least more detailed satellite maps of the locations featured in the program. However Ice Cold Gold - Digging Deeper does demonstrate how Esri's Story Map platform can also be used without maps.

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