Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Cleverest Map of the Day

This Google Map from Japan Registry Services is very, very clever.

When the map first loads you are presented with an interactive 'about' page which I presume was created with the Image Map Types function within the Google Maps API. You can explore the image overlay using the Google Maps usual panning and zooming controls. You can also use the numbered menu to quickly navigate to different sections of the image map.

More surprises await you when you zoom out on the map. One zoom level (pictured above) appears to have a video embedded actually within the map tile layers. I have no idea how that was achieved. After the video finishes playing you can mouse-over the numbers on the map and the people in the map magically move and interact with the numbers.

When you zoom right out the map changes to Google Maps satellite view and shows you the offices of Japan Registry Services in Tokyo.

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