Monday, March 02, 2015

Old London - A Day in the Life

Mapping Emotions in Victorian London is a joint project by Stanford Literary Lab and Historypin which aims to map the emotional values attached to London locations in Victorian fiction.

The project is creating three London maps; 'Dreadful London' dedicated to mapping locations associated with fear in Victorian literature, 'London in the Light' which will map locations which have happy connotations and 'A Day in the Life' a map of locations in Victorian literature with neutral emotions.

At the moment A Day in the Life is the only map which has been completed. A Day in the Life of Old London is dedicated to mapping London locations which have neither strong emotions of happiness or fear attached to them. The project uses an historical map of London (from the National Library of Scotland) to show the neutral locations mentioned in Victorian Literature.

You can browse through the mapped locations either by clicking on the the map markers or by selecting from the text extracts in the map sidebar. When you select a location or text extract you can view the discussed location on the Victorian map and read the complete extracts describing or referring to the location in the Victorian literature.

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