Saturday, January 02, 2016

Can You Name that Street View in One?

Over the last few years the Street View location guessing game GeoGuessr has become very popular. GeoGuessr is so established as the number one Street View game that it is hard to see how any similar game is going to achieve any traction.

On the surface Earth-Picker is very similar to GeoGuessr. In the game, like in GeoGuessr, you are shown a series of random Street View scenes. The object of the game is to try to guess the location of the depicted Street View image. To do this you simply place a marker on a Google Map to show where you think the Street View image is from.

What sets Earth-Picker apart from other Street View guessing games is the neat way it shows how close your guess was to the real location. Like in other Street View guessing games you are awarded points based on how close your guess was to the real location. However Earth-Picker also places a blue circle around the depicted location.

This blue circle shows you the average distance that all the other users of the game were to guessing the correct location. Therefore for each Street View image that you guess you are able to instantly see whether you beat most other users, or whether your guess was worse than most other players.

Where GeoGuessr still wins hands down is in its GeoSettr option. Using GeoSettr you can create your very own GeoGusser game. All you have to do is choose five locations on a Google Map and you then get a unique link to your own GeoGuessr game. You can then share the game with your friends and create your own GeoGuessr tournament.

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