Friday, January 15, 2016


In the 1980's movie WarGames a high school student hacks into a supercomputer and nearly starts a full scale global nuclear war. The computer is called the War Operation Plan Response and in the film NORAD have a huge wall-sized dashboard to interface with the computer.

Alan Walker, Jeffrey Shaffer, Anya A’Hearn and Chris DeMartini have collaborated to recreate the War Operations Plan Response dashboard complete with a faithful rendering of the WarGames map (animated nuclear weapons et al). You can read more about how they managed to recreate the WOPR dashboard in Tableau in this Re-creating WarGames with Tableau and Mapbox blog post.

You can also view the U.S. WOPR dashboard and Russia's own version of a super military computer. The map used in both of these WarGames dashboards was created by Anya A’Hearn in Mapbox Studio. You can view the WarGames Map full-screen here. You can also check out the WarGames map with a polar projection.

Anya's WarGames map includes real data showing the whereabouts of the world’s known nuclear weapons.

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