Sunday, January 03, 2016

Maps of the Fortnight

Due to the holiday season Maps Mania didn't have a Maps of the Week post last week. So, to make up for that omission, this week we look back at the best maps of the last fourteen days.

Just before Christmas CDRC Maps added a modal building age layer to their UK map, which allows users to view the age of residential building in towns and cities throughout England & Wales. The map reveals the fascinating history of residential building patterns in UK towns and cities.

For example, if you zoom in on London, you can see how the West End has remained largely undeveloped since the nineteenth century. You can also clearly see the new trend for building residential properties along both banks of the Thames, as the old riverside docks and wharves slowly get replaced with newer apartment buildings.

Before Christmas The Atlantic also released an interesting map. This oblique satellite view map of Denver and the Colorado Rockies was made possible because of a rare satellite image captured by WorldView-3.

DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite is equipped with a high resolution sensor. The sensor is capable of capturing the usual straight down satellite images of the Earth but can also capture high resolution oblique views of Earth. The Atlantic has taken one such oblique satellite view of Colorado and used it to create a Leaflet map.

This is a very simple map but the satellite image is fantastic and the map allows you to zoom in and examine locations in the photo in really close detail.

Blood Pancakes made with blood and flour are a popular dish in Southern Ostrobothnian in Finland. The people of Pori, Finland, however prefer a dish of Crucified Whitebait, consisting of a whitefish nailed to a wooden board.

If these dishes are beginning to make your mouth water then you might want to take a closer look at this map of dishes popular in different regions of Finland. You can even get recipes for each of the dishes featured on the map.

The Flavours of Finland is a custom made map exploring the wonders of Finnish food. The map presents regional dishes and recipes which are popular, traditional or characteristic in different parts of the country. Select one of the regional dishes from the map and you can even view the ingredients and a recipe for the dish.

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