Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mapping Global Happiness

The GDELT Project has released an interactive map showing how happy the world was in 2015. The GDELT Project monitors the world's news in over 100 languages. The Mapping Global Happiness And Sadness In 2015 map analyses all this media data from 2015 to visualize the average sentiment of locations around the world.

The green areas on the map indicate where the worldwide media coverage of that location have a positive tone. The red areas show where there is a more negative tone. You can use the 'visible layers' menu to show both positive and negative sentiments together or view either layer on the map separately.

With both layers on the map seems to show a large unhappiness zone stretching from eastern Europe, through the Middle-East, down through Pakistan and India to South East Asia. Much of Africa also seems pretty unhappy.

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