Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Noisy New York

CartoDB has released a really great mapped visualization of 311 noise complaints in New York. The map allows you to explore the number of complaints made to New York's non-emergency service hotline by location, time of day, type of noise complaint and by season of the year.

The Noise in New York map starts with a very useful introduction which guides you through some of the filtering options that you can make on the map. The introduction not only guides you through how to explore the data it also provides some interesting insights abut noise complaints in New York. For example it reveals that Manhattan is the loudest place in the city.

When you have finished the introduction you can explore the noise complaint data yourself. You can filter the results shown on the map by complaint type, season and time of day, For example, if you are looking for the city's liveliest night-life locations, then you could select to just view complaints made in the evening about loud music and parties (Harlem and Inwood look particularly lively).

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