Friday, January 08, 2016

Natural Resource Conflicts

The EEC Platform aims to generate knowledge about the potential security implications of climate change. As part of that mission they have a released an interactive map, called the EEC Factbook, to raise awareness about current conflicts around the world which may be related to environmental change.

The examples displayed on the map are not meant to be exhaustive or representative. The Factbook is therefore not meant to be seen as a heatmap showing where natural resource conflicts are occurring around the world. The conflicts currently shown have been chosen for their policy interest and are based on EEC's in-house regional expertise.

When exploring the map you can click on the individual map markers to learn more about the selected conflict. You can also use the filter option in the map menu to search for conflicts based on specific criteria. The filter allows you to search by the general nature of the conflict, the environmental resources affected and by the type of conflict driver.

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