Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Totals on the Map

If you want to know how much snow has fallen on the Eastern United States then the simple answer is a lot. According to the New York Times' How Much Snow Has Fallen map parts of West Virginia have received 40 inches of snow.

The NYT's map uses data from the National Weather Service and shows snow fall totals when they were last recorded at each weather station.

The National Weather Service has its own Leaflet based map which also shows observed snowfall. The NWS Weather Event Display allows you to view a number of weather layers on top of an interactive map. To view snowfall totals you need to select 'Snowfall' from the 'Observed Reports' menu.

If you want to know what the outlook is you can also select 'Snowfall' from the 'NDFD Forecast Overlay' menu.

You can also check out what this blizzard of snow looks like on this impressive animated Mapbox map of water equivalent accumulated snow depth data from NOAA’s High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model.

If you want information on the latest traffic alerts you could try Google's Crisis Map. The map shows areas with severe weather warnings in orange. It also provides traffic alerts for Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC (information provided by Waze).

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