Friday, January 22, 2016

India Night Lights

11.3% of Indians live without electricity. Luckily we have twenty years of night-time satellite imagery to help identify those rural areas of India which don't appear to have electricity, The World Bank and the University of Michigan have collaborated to analyse this satellite data for 600,000 villages across India.

India Lights is an interactive map which shows the results of that analysis. Each yellow dot on the map represents the light output of an Indian village on the date shown in the map timeline. If you zoom in on an Indian district on the map you can also view data on the district's population and its median light output.

At the district level it is also possible to filter the map to highlight those villages which have participated in India’s flagship electrification program. If you select one or more of these villages you can then view the village's median light output over time compared to the district's average on the line graph at the bottom of the map.

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