Monday, January 04, 2016

Stars Wars Street View: The Force Awakens

If you were excited by Star Wars Street View Parts One & Two then you won't want to miss Stars Wars Street View: The Force Awakens.

The official website for the new Stars Wars movie features two custom made Street Views which allow you to view 360 degree panoramic images. From the home page of the official Star Wars - The Force Awakens website you can select to view either of the two Street Views by clicking on the Empire or the Rebellion helmet in the top menu.

If you select the helmet of the Rebellion helmet you can view a Street View scene captured on what looks like the planet Jakku. If you choose the Dark Side then you can view a Street View from inside the hangar of an Empire spaceport.

Both of the Street View images include animated spacecraft flying around the depicted scenes and Star Wars sound effects.

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